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ARION 430-410

One for all.

Tried-and-tested technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

ARION 430-410

One for all.

Tried-and-tested technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

Front loaders.


Precision work, ex factory.

Integrated construction.

The mounting brackets and frame have been specially developed for the ARION 400. With reinforcements extending all the way to the rear axle, the tractor and front loader are capable of heavy front loader work without limiting access to the maintenance points or losing ground clearance. The front loader bracket and the controls and lines are fitted at the factory and delivered ready for use.


Two operating options.

You can operate the front loader on the ARION 400 using FLEXPILOT (hydraulically pilot-operated control valve) or the electrohydraulic joystick. Both systems provide you with optimum operating comfort.

Electrohydraulic joystick

The unique joystick combines operation of both the gearbox (shift up/down) and the front loader, allowing the right hand to remain comfortably on the joystick for rapid loading, while the left hand steers and operates the REVERSHIFT lever to change direction.

For infinitely variable control of the maximum lifting and lowering speeds, you can easily change the flow rates of the electronic spool valve for the front loader in the CIS.

Precise self-levelling linkage.

Six front loader models are available for the ARION 400 ex factory – the FL series with hydraulic self-levelling linkage and the FL C series with mechanical self-levelling linkage.

ARIONFL 120 / FL 120 CFL 100 / FL 100 CFL 80 / FL 80 C
430 CIS
420 CIS
410 CIS
Lifting heightm4.154.003.85

□ Available – Not available


Secure locking mechanism.

FITLOCK, the lift arm locking mechanism that doesn't need tools, enables you to attach the loader quickly and – most importantly – securely from the comfort of your seat. The MACH quick-attachment coupler connects up all the hydraulic and electrical connections in a single action. This means that the front loader can be attached or removed in no time at all, and the driver only needs to leave the cab once.


The MACH multicoupler – the fastest way to make a perfect connection.

Active damping.

The SHOCK ELIMINATOR vibration damping system effectively protects the machine and driver against shocks and impacts. The SHOCK ELIMINATOR can remain active even with a full load.